I honestly can’t believe we have hit the half way mark with this program! It has gone a lot faster than I anticipated and I am excited. Phase two has been a challenge in a whole new way. I think everyone in my accountability group has had a harder time staying motivated during this phase.… Read More H A L F W A Y

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Closer to the Father

As a women of faith, I think it can sometimes be hard to fit everything that comes with being a wife and mom into a twenty four hour day. Laundry, dishes, work, grocery shopping, cleaning, fitness, cooking, spending quality time with your kids and husband, and especially making time for God. Digging into the Word,… Read More Closer to the Father


80DO Week 3 + 4

I can’t believe that I am DONE with phase one of 80 Day Obsession! I have lost 6 pounds and 6.75 inches! I am feeling so much stronger! And I can see my midsection especially starting to slim and look more toned! I felt like such a beast when I hammer curled 15 pounds weights… Read More 80DO Week 3 + 4


80DO Week 1 + 2 Recap

Yesterday I started week three of 80 Day Obsession! The first two weeks have been exciting, challenging, and filled with lots of learning. I’ve been tweaking my meal plan to figure out what is going to work best for me and I’ve been resisting so many food temptations. It’s been hard. I’ve already wanted to… Read More 80DO Week 1 + 2 Recap

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The beginning of the new year is always a good time to set goals and re-evaluate goals for yourself, even if it does feel a bit cliche. It’s blank slate where you can make it anything you want it to be. As I prayed about this new year and the things, little and big, that… Read More Obsessed


Easton Bear is One

Since we’ve called our sweet baby “Easton bear” since pretty much day one, I thought it was only fitting that our little bear got a little bear birthday party! He wasn’t really interested in the gifts, but loved playing with the other kiddos and of course getting to eat his cake! Hard to believe that… Read More Easton Bear is One


Twelve Months

One. I can’t believe that my baby is one. How can twelve months go so fast? I am still in denial, because it can’t possibly be a year since we first held him in our arms. I look back at pictures of him when he was just a couple of weeks old and I can… Read More Twelve Months


Eleven Months

I’ve been in denial about my baby being eleven months old. I kept saying I needed to take his nine month photo (mom brain or pure denial??? I don’t really know haha.) Your second baby grows up twice as fast as your first and it’s just not fair at all! I can’t believe that his… Read More Eleven Months


Ten Months

Our sweet Easton Bear is T E N months old! I can’t believe it! I had a moment the other day that I just broke down and ugly cried at the fact that his first birthday is two months away. It just doesn’t seem like it could be true, but somehow it is. We just… Read More Ten Months