Saguache 2014


Every year we go up to Saguache with my husbands side of the family. This was Liam’s first hunting trip! We went up two weekends in a row. The first weekend was a shorter trip. We left Friday evening after I got off of work and made the drive with our truck packed and a sleeping baby in the back seat. When we arrived, Liam was wide awake and wanted to play in the super cool camper. We have a pretty strict bedtime routine and that was all kinds of messed up since it was nearing midnight and Liam was bright eyed. He did not want to sleep and I did not realize what a wiggle worm he is! He pretty much took over the whole bed and made it hard to actually get some rest. Early the next morning Joseph walked over and asked if I wanted to go on a walk to try to find some elk. I passed since Liam was finally sound asleep so we could try to get some rest.

After our not-so-good nights sleep.

When we woke up the men still weren’t back from their morning hike, so Liam and I got dressed, I fed him some breakfast, and then we went over to the other trailers to say good morning. After a bit, Joseph and his cousin Patrick were back. Since it wasn’t quite time for breakfast yet, we all decided to go on a drive to look for animals. We all piled in Pat’s car and drove around. Liam sat on his Daddy’s lap and loved looking out the windows at all the trees. After a bit he snuggled up to his Daddy and fell asleep.

We got back to camp and had breakfast and had a little bit of down time so Joseph and I played with Liam. He was really liking playing and crawling around in the trailer.

Playing with Daddy.

We played for a bit and then we decided to go on a hike. We drove to a spot and broke off in different directions to try to find some elk. Joseph and I hike though the tall trees and looked all around for an elk. We ended up being gone for three hours hiking but didn’t see anything except for some squirrels and a snowshoe hare. The weather was surprisingly beautiful. It was so warm! Usually it is bitter cold and snowy, but you didn’t even need a jacket with how nice it was outside! We got back to camp and had some lunch and then decided to go on another drive. Joseph and I loaded up in the truck with Liam on my lap and drove around. It was fun to have Liam with us this year, last year he was in my tummy.

That evening after dinner we drove around some more exploring some new land and taking in the beautiful fall colors that popped up here and there and enjoying each other’s company. Driving around in Saguache, listening to Charley Pride, and spending quality time with my family are some of my favorite moments and some of my favorite memories.

Liam slept the entire car ride, but as soon as we were out of the car he was wide awake once again. He did not want to sleep. We had another night of Liam kickboxing mommy and not sleeping. After a while we all ended up piled together in Daddy’s bed, and somehow we each got a little bit of rest… Definitely not enough though!

It was still dark outside when we all woke up… Or really, when Joseph and I got woken up! Liam did not want to sleep, but it worked out anyways since we were going to go on a walk. We got ready, left Liam with his aunts and great grandma, and then Joseph and I along with the rest of the family piled into the truck. We drove to another spot and once again broke off in different directions in search of elk. We hiked though the thick timber as the light began to stream in through the tree tops. It was so beautiful and kinda magical. As we were walking Joseph told me to use the scope on my rifle if I thought I saw an elk. I took about three steps and said, “Uhh, like that?” Sure enough, a little bull was standing in front of us. I slowly pulled up my rifle and got on him, but I could not see if he was a legal bull! We could see how tall his antlers were, but we could not see if there were any points or brow tines. He walked away and we tried to find him but couldn’t. We heard bulls around us but could never get on anything. It was still so much fun!

We finished our hike and came back to camp to eat breakfast, scoop up our baby bear, pack up for the weekend, and head home…

Baby bear.

On Wednesday we were back in the truck and driving back up for the rest of the week! We had a really good time. Joseph and I hiked quite a bit and we got to spend time with family. Wednesday night was the only time that we saw an elk for the rest of the stay in Saguache which made for not so great hunting… We drove around with Liam a lot and got to see some does, bucks, and a cow moose and her calf which was really cute! Liam entertained everyone with his silly elk noises as he crawled around the camper. He loved to walk back and forth with Pat and had fun spending time with everyone. He really loved camping and being outside. And he thought riding on our laps on the dirt roads was pretty cool, too.


One very special thing we got to do was go and visit the memorial for Joseph’s grandpa. He passed twenty years ago to the day that we made the hike to his rock. I so wish that I could have met him and I know he would just love Liam. Joseph has so many fond memories of his Papa Reube up camping and that why he loves Saguache so much…

I was so bummed that we weren’t seeing elk. Joseph was trying so hard to find them and we ended up hiking in a lot of different places trying to find them. We finally figured out where they were, so I sat on point trying to wait for them to come out of the timber one evening. It was getting past shooting light and I was thinking about getting up to leave when I heard crashing coming through the trees about 200 yards ahead of me. I stood up to see and possibly take a shot, but they never came out until after dark. They next morning we went back to check and found tracks all over. Go figure that the last day is when we figure out right where we need to be! It was still such a good time!

I really love camping and hunting and spending time disconnected from social media and people and life. I love being in the mountains and I especially love spending time with my little family… We didn’t see any elk, but I got to share many sunsets and sunrises with the man that I love, and that is fine by me. I got to hear my baby laugh and see God’s beautiful creation… It was time well spent.

Until next year, Saguache…


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