We can’t get enough of the mountains

This past weekend we packed up our trusty camper and headed back to the mountains once again. We went to my husband’s all time favorite place: Saguache. We spent time hiking, roasting marshmallows, watching Liam carry around sticks and rocks (and also eating dirt), looking for animals, and taking in the beautiful scenery. Oh, and Joseph got a tick! Luckily the little guy came off easily. Nobody could sleep after that. Every little itch made us think there was a tiny tick trying to get us! Haha.. But other than that we had such a great time!

We truly love getting away. It’s so nice to disconnect and not have to worry about anything for a few days. Liam loves camping too which we are excited about. He loved sleeping on the top bunk with us. He giggled and smiled when we put him up there. He also got to play in the snow for the first time since there were still snow drifts on the ground. He loved it!

Here are some pictures from our weekend camping.

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