Labor Day Weekend: more camping & hunting

Over Labor Day weekend my little family plus Mimi and Papa Randy went on a little camping trip for the long weekend.

We stayed in our trailer and camped on the green hillside, surrounded by trees. My husband spent a lot of time hunting and we spent a lot of time playing with Liam outside. Liam loves camping! He loves to be outside playing in the dirt, exploring, seeing new things, carrying around rocks, and of course, sleeping on the bunk bed. He loved climbing up the ladder to get to the top bunk and had the cheesiest smile as he climbed up each step.

I got to go on a few evening hunts with Joseph which I loved so much! We saw some elk each night but no “shooters.” It was so fun and relaxing to sit in the quiet trees and be apart of the stillness and to be apart of something my husband loves to do.

The last morning we were there, my mom and I woke up to a loud beeping noise. It was the carbon monoxide alarm. We bailed out of the camper, still in our pajamas, and drove around in the truck for two hours waiting for the men to get back from the morning hunt. We drove around and Liam got to see some deer and cows. It actually turned out to be a fun morning. Turns out it was just a low battery on the alarm, but hey, we just wanted to be safe!

It was such a fun and relaxing weekend. Even though I forgot to pack measuring cups, syrup, and the hash browns for breakfast, even though it rained off and on, and even though my husband didn’t get to fill his tag, it was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a while. I love getting away and breathing that fresh, mountain air.



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