Saguache 2015

A few weeks ago we went on our annual trip to Saguache. We went up for the weekend and camped with Joseph’s parents. We were greeted by a little snowman, who our niece named Chilly Olaf, in our campsite. The day before, it had snowed quite a bit, but by the time we got up there it had mostly melted away. Liam was so excited to be camping that as soon as his feet touched the ground, he took off towards a pretty large puddle. (Any time he sees water he automatically wants to run towards it and play in it.) I caught up to him just before he reached the small lake of muddy water and tried to redirect him to a less messy area to play in. He ran the other direction and before I could even encourage him to slow down, he slipped and fell right into the mud. I thought it was going to be a rough trip since all of this happened within the first three minutes of pulling up to camp, but it ended up being a very fun trip! We drove around, hiked a bit, had marshmallows over a campfire, and looked for animals. Neither Joseph or I had any tags so we just spent time with other people who did. The last day that we were at camp, Joseph’s cousin, Patrick, shot a bull. The whole family went to congratulate him and to help him get it back to camp. We took Liam so he could see the elk and he loved it. He ran right up to it and grabbed the antlers. We have a little hunter in training! He was so interested in the elk and kept jabbering away and pointing at it. We had such a fun trip!

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