Estes Park

We had so much fun visiting Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park! It was incredible to see the elk all over town and to watch the bulls fight and bugle! I’ve never been that close to them (alive, of course) and never heard the bulls scream like they were! Liam loved seeing all the elk, too! (He’s just like his daddy.) His papa and mimi got him some elk toys and in the car he was making elk noises and would say “daddy, hear em, da elk?!” It was so cute!! Estes was so beautiful as was Rocky Mountain National Park, although there was a TON of people there. We got to see some more elk and deer, but not nearly as many elk as right in Estes Park. We also saw bear and her two cubs in town! And heard that there was a 400 lb papa bear just outside of our hotel the last night we were there! Such a beautiful place to visit, we will definitely be back!!

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