Pumpkin Patch

We had so much fun picking a pumpkin this year! Liam LOVED the pumpkin patch and ran around giggling and squealing as he looked at the field full of orange, round pumpkins. He also loved the little petting zoo and even gathered up the courage to pet a goat (if you know my son, this is a pretty big deal lol.) He helped daddy pull the wagon full of pumpkins and wanted his “uncle” Patrick to go evvvvverywhere with him! There was a baby zebra that he adored and some little alpacas that he was calling “lama-ma’s.” And of course Tevis and I had to take a picture of our little pumpkins that we’ve been busy growing! 😉 So exciting that these newest cousins will be 10 weeks apart!

I wish life were a little less busy right now so that we could have chosen a day where there was more daylight to play a little more, but there just wasn’t! We are in such a busy season of life right now with hunting, working, traveling, getting settled into our house still, and preparing for baby Easton to arrive in the next couple of months that there just wasn’t an extra day! But we had such a good time nonetheless!

And of course, we took the cutest pumpkin home with us; our sweet Liam boy.

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