Five Months



Size (Diapers, Onsies, ect.): wearing size 2 diapers, 3-6 month clothing and some 6 month.

Eyes: he has such big light blue eyes! He just stares at me sometimes and i just get lost in his eyes; they are so mesmerizing and beautiful!

Hair: sweet little bear cub has lost a lot of his hair! I always think about how much hair he had when he was born and miss it sometimes. It’s SO long on top and still pretty dark, although it seems to get getting a bit lighter. His eyebrows are darker than Liam’s ever were (I don’t think you could see Liam’s eyebrows until he was two haha!) which makes me think that he will have darker hair like his daddy.

We love: his smiles, how he acts bashful, his beefy legs, his gummy smiles, his pouty face, his tiny lips, his big eyes, his belly laugh, how he jumps when you hold him, how his great grandma reed can make him laugh harder than anyone, how he gets huge eyes when he is surprised or excited, and how his long hair sticks straight up half of the time.

Sleeping: he is sleeping a lot better than he was for the most part. He starts out in his crib and sleeps until 2am or 3am on a good night, and then ends up in our bed until it’s time to get up for the day.  There’s still plenty of rough nights and I’ve forgotten what more than 5 hours of sleep is haha.

Eating: nursing is still going strong! He takes a bottle like a champ while I’m at work and nurses the rest of the time. It’s so nice to be able to give him a bottle of breast milk while I’m away and still be able to nurse him when we are together. When I started nursing my initial goal was to try and make it 6 months and it blows my mind that we are one month away from that goal! Easton has shown real interest in trying solid food so we are thinking we will give him his first tastes soon! He always grabs our cups and plates and pretends to chew.

Teeth: None yet but his gums are incredibly swollen and sore. He drools so much and gnaws on anything he can get in his mouth.

Nicknames: bear cub, Easton bear.

Loves: bath time, being outside, when you blow on his hair (instant smiles), sucking and chewing on his hands, watching his brother and laughing at everything he does, rolling on to his tummy (still haven’t quite mastered back to tummy), having attention and being talked to, being held (allllll the time), and playing with his toes.

Hates: riding in the car (which made our 14 hour road trip quite difficult haha), and taking naps.
Words/Sounds: coos and mimics our sounds. And full on belly laughs which is so adorable!

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