What Liam Says

Yawns are called “big sleepy’s” so whenever you yawn, you say “I had a big sleepy!”


L: “I have a question!”

M: “Okay! What’s your question?”

L: “My question is… (taps chin with pointer finger and ponders a moment)… A DINOSAUR!!!”


You call your freckles “sprinkles” and I just can’t even handle it! And you also try to wipe it off sometimes because you forget that it’s a freckle and think it’s dirt.


M: “Will you please eat your food?”

L: ” I can’t!”

M: “Why not?”

L: “Because… I’m too late!” (Said in the most dramatic tone.)

I have no idea what it means, but it’s always your excuse for everything.

You says  “cer-tops” for triceratops and know the other dinosaur names from The Land Before Time movie: long neck, sharp tooth, and spike tail.


We were stopped at McDonalds getting you chicken nuggets in daddy’s truck. You rolled down the window in the back seat and you started telling the lady at the drive through, “Umm hi. Umm hi. I need to order my food. And I would like to watch Paw Patrol! Okay, thanks!” I’m not sure if she was amused, but I thought it was adorable and I was so proud that you used your manners!


You always want to hold your brother, but after a couple of minuets you says, “Okay, you hold him. He too heavy.” And in the mornings when he wakes up you always greet him and say, “Good morning Eeeee-tin! Hi sweet boy! You have good nap? Yeah! Me too!”


After you take a drink of your water you always tell me, “Look! There’s a fishy in my cup!”


Any time you get hurt you say, “I need a BAN-deed. It’s bleedin’!” Even if you’re not bleeding.


When something itches you say, “I got a little scratchy!” and wrinkle your nose up.


At night when it’s your turn to pray you say, “Thank you Jesus for my family. AMEN!” Sometimes you have other things to pray about, but you always tell Jesus that you’re thankful for your family.


I wish that I could remember every single thing that you tell me and record every word that you say. I wish I could always be able to replay your voice, the faces you make, and the sweet way you pronounce words. It makes me want to keep you little forever. You have to much to talk about and I love listening to you. I remember a time when you were behind in your speech development and my heart ached and yearned to hear you even say “mama.” Now every time I hear you yell my name my heart swells and I can’t wait to hear what you have to tell me. I truly love being your mama and I love all of your stories and all of the sweet things you tell me.








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