Six Months

Our sweet Easton,

It is so hard to believe that you have been in our arms for six months. I don’t know how the time is going so fast, but I keep wishing for it to slow down. I watched a video of you and Liam when you were just a few days old and tears started streaming down my face. It’s hard to believe that you’re not the tiny newborn in that video anymore. You’ve changed so much and you’re growing so quickly! You smile and laugh all of the time and love to be held and played with. Everyone adores you so much and I cannot imagine not having you! I feel so loved when I walk in the door after work and you light up and give me the biggest smiles, and I love the way you always reach for you daddy and make him feel so special. I also can’t wait to see you and Liam play together as you grow. You guys are already pals and I just think of all the fun memories you will have together. You make my heart even more full than I thought possible. I love you my sweet little E, happy six months.


Weight: 17 lbs 5 oz

Length: 24 3/4 inches

Size (Diapers, Onsies, ect.): Size 3 diapers and 6 month clothing.

Eyes: he has such big, light blue eyes! He just stares at me sometimes and i just get lost in his eyes; they are so mesmerizing and beautiful!

Hair: his little bald spot on the back of his head is filling in and his hair is growing quite a bit! The top and sides are really long and daddy keeps saying he’s going to cut it, but I keep saying NOOOOOO with sad puppy dog eyes, so he hasn’t yet.

We love: how he smiles at everyone and is such a happy baby, his chunky thighs and knee dimples, the way he looks back at you and smiles when you’re holding him, his sweet giggle, how he always grabs his toes, how he loves his big brother, and that he is always smiling.

Sleeping: he takes two good naps during the day; one in the morning and one in the afternoon, but he just does not sleep good at night. He will sleep for like 2 hours in his crib, but almost every night at 12:30am he wakes up. He usually ends up in our bed cuddled next to me. I know I will miss it so much one day. He wakes up in the morning so happy and smiley and Joseph and I cherish those moments so much. One day he will sleep through the night and in his own bed, so for now we are just soaking up the late night cuddles and early morning smiles.

Eating: I honestly can’t believe that we have been nursing for 6 months! (Which was my first goal that I wanted to get to!) It is such a big accomplishment to me since I didn’t even make it a month with Liam. We’ve worked hard to get here and it certainly has not been easy all of the time, but I am so proud that we stuck it out! I will be so happy if we can make it another six months! Easton also got his first bites of solid food this past month. He has tried squash, apples, bananas, and rice cereal. He mostly just wants to play with the spoon right now haha. He also loves to chew on anything we are eating. We were at Rib City Grill and we got some fried green beans and he loved chewing on them and also a big piece of cold celery. He was so mad at us when we took it away. I’m hoping that he is a better eater than his big brother is!

Teeth: No teeth yet. Still drooling a lot and chewing on everything.

Nicknames: Bear cub, Easton bear, Winchester (papa Larry calls him this, but nobody knows why haha).

Loves: bath time especially splashing the water everywhere, being outside, when you blow on his hair (instant smiles), playing with his toes and chewing on them, watching his brother and laughing at everything he does, rolling all over the living room, getting attention, being held (allllll the time), diaper changes

Hates: He used to hate riding in the car, but he’s actually doing much better with it now! There’s truly not much this kiddo doesn’t like besides being hungry lol. When he’s hungry he wants to eat NOW.

Words/Sounds: Easton says “dada” and even though I’m sure he doesn’t truly know what word he’s saying, he looks right at his daddy and says “dada!” almost like he knows. Either way, it is so adorable. He has such a sweet little voice and coos all of the time.

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