Antelope Island

Last week we went to visit my brother in law who lives in Utah! We did so much on our trip in a short amount of time, but my favorite thing was visiting Antelope Island!

Antelope Island is an island in the middle of the Great Salt Lake and it is home to various wildlife like mule deer, big horn sheep, buffalo, and antelope.

It was such an interesting place and seemed so remote even though it’s actually relatively close to the city. There are mountains, hills, cliffs and beaches, and it’s truly magical. As we were driving in there was a gorgeous mountain reflecting in the lake; the birds flew up off of the pastel colored water making it seem like a dream. The smell was horrendous, but it’s beauty made up for that tiny detail. Thank goodness the further inland we got the more the terrible smell faded, because it was so rank!

We drove around looking for wildlife and ended up hiking in a ways to actually get a closer look at the buffalo once we spotted them. We saw some antelope and pelicans as we hiked in. We had both of our kids with us, so it was slow going, and by the time we made it to the end of the trail the buffalo were pretty much hiding on the other side of the hill. Joseph and I crept in a little closer to snag some pictures. On the way out the buffalo made their way to the top of the hill again so we all go to have a good look at them, Liam was especially excited to see them since they had been hiding from us most of the time.

I honestly think I could have spent the whole day exploring the island, and maybe one day we will go back and explore a little more. It was so hot that day though and our little guys were overheating (let’s get real, I was too because I had to help carry Liam out haha) so we decided to load back up in the car and drive around a while longer and then leave. I would really like to go back in the fall or winter months when it’s a little cooler to make hiking and exploring more bearable. It’s actually a pretty big island and it would be so fun to spend a day or two hiking and looking for wildlife.

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