Seven Months

It seems like Easton has grown so much this month! Not necessarily in weight or length (which I failed to actually get measurements on… oops.) but mostly in how much he is leaning! He sits up SO well on his own now and hardly falls over anymore. He is getting up on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth and I know it’s just a matter of time before he takes off crawling (which I am not ready for ha!) And he got his first tooth! He’s getting so big! We love our little chunky Easton bear so much!

Size (Diapers, Onsies, ect.): Size 3 diapers, some 6 month and mostly 9 month clothing. Easton’s got such chunky arms and legs that we have to size up a lot with him. He’s a mini linebacker haha!

Eyes: when we are out and about we always get stopped and people comment on how beautiful his eyes are. They are so big and blue!

Hair: Getting a little bit thicker and is so long on the top! It’s light brown like mommy’s and Liam’s hair. Daddy is still saying we should cut it, but I’m just not ready!

We love: his belly laugh, the little squeak that he does when he coos, all of his rolls and dimples, his scrunched up nose smile, how he sleeps on his tummy with his right arm at his side and left arm up by his face, that he smiles at almost everyone (but he is definitely in the stranger danger stage, so if you take him from me or get too close he will probably start to cry lol), how he picks up his binky and puts it in his mouth, and how excited he gets when you turn the water on for bath time.

Sleeping: it seems like each day is different, but over all he is finally starting to sleep a little bit better. We got a noise machine that plays waves and that seems to help him not wake up quite as often! A few nights he only woke up one time in the middle of the night which was SO amazing (because he was waking up between 3 and 5 times a night before.) Hoping he will continue to get more in a routine with sleep and continue sleeping longer stretches, casue we could sure use the rest!

Eating: We’re still nursing good and trying to integrate solid foods in. Easton just wants to eat whatever we are eating, but he only has like 1/4 of a tooth, so he can’t really chew anything yet (although he actually does a pretty good job of “gumming” his food!) I keep trying to give him pureed foods, but he makes the most sour face with each bit and usually ends up spitting it all out. He grabs food off of my plate and he will throw the biggest fit if you take it away from him.

Teeth: One little tooth finally broke through yesterday! The one right next to it looks like it will be in soon as well! I can’t believe my baby has little tiny teeth now!

Nicknames: Easton bear

Loves: bath time especially splashing the water everywhere, being outside, chewing on his brother’s toys (which makes Liam SO MAD haha), puppies, rolling all over the living room, his binky, bouncing and jumping.

Hates: there really isn’t anything that Easton does not like. He just goes with the flow and is a really happy baby, but if he is mad about something he will throw a big fit; like kicking his legs and crying with the poutiest lip you’ve ever seen!

Words/Sounds: Dada, mama, and mmmmm (when he’s hungry)

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