Eight Months

I feel like Easton grew so much this month. He got his first tooth, started crawling, and is pulling himself up on everything. Which also means he’s getting stuck in places he couldn’t get to before and bonking that cute little head on everything. It’s definitely a game changer now that’s he’s mobile. He entertains himself a little better since he can get to toys, but now I’m chasing two kids around the house haha! I can’t believe he’s getting so big! Our sweet, happy Easton!


Size (Diapers, Onsies, ect.): wearing size 3 diapers, wearing mostly 9 month clothing and can still squeeze him into some 6 month haha!


Eyes: big and blue!


Hair: baby boy got his first hair cut! Just a little off of the right side since it was literally 2 inches longer than the right, and a tiny bit off of the front so his hair isn’t in his eyes.


We love: his little throaty screeches and squeaks that he does, how he’s such a happy baby, his sweet laugh, how peaceful he looks when he’s sleeping (which if you know this kid, isn’t often haha), his chunky legs and round belly.


Sleeping: unfortunately, he is still sleeping so awful. He is up at least 3 times a night but usually it’s more like 5 or 6 times. I’m so tired. I keep hoping and praying that he will start sleeping good soon. It’s been weeks since I’ve gotten 4 hours of sleep in a row. He’s in such a go go go and play play play mode that he’s having a hard time settling down for napping and bed time, and if he hears his brother at all while I’m rocking him to sleep he will shoot up out of my arms and want to play and it’s back to square one for settling him down.


Eating: this kid LOVES to eat. He wants to eat real food and so far we haven’t given him anything he doesn’t like. Tomatoes, artichoke, chicken, avocado, green beans and strawberries are some of his favorites. He will tolerate puréed baby food but prefers real, solid food. We are still nursing as well!


Milestones: got his first tooth, started crawling and pulling himself up!


Teeth: 2 teeth on the bottom!


Nicknames: Easton bear


Loves: food, splashing in the bath or pool, cuddling, crawling, playing with his brothers toys, music, pulling himself up on e v e r y t h i n g, peek a boo, his brother, smacking the table, kicking his legs in excitement, and blowing bubbles.


Hates: getting his nose wiped and if you take food out of his hands.


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