You are my SUNSHINE

We had so much fun celebrating our second little ray of sunshine! We were blessed with so many gifts and sweet friends and family that came to celebrate! Thank you to my mama and my sweet sister for putting on such a sweet shower! We are truly blessed.

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We had our anatomy ultrasound this past week and got to see our sweet little baby! We went in and right off the bat they asked us if we wanted to know if we were having a boy or a girl, so the ultrasound technician and my doctor both took a look and told us… Read More Baby BROTHER


17 Weeks Pregnant

17 weeks growing this sweet baby  I’ve been completely awful at journaling this pregnancy; between packing, moving, and chasing a 2 year old it’s been the last thing on my todo list. I am feeling so good lately! We find out next month what we are having and we couldn’t be more excited! Any guesses?… Read More 17 Weeks Pregnant


Ten Weeks Pregnant

Yay for being a quarter of the way done with this pregnancy! Mostly I’m just cheering for being so close to the second trimester. I have been so so sick with this little one. Although I have not thrown up at all, I am incredibly nauseous from I wake up until I fall asleep. I just want… Read More Ten Weeks Pregnant


Oh, Baby!!!

We are so so excited for our next little miracle! Unlike Liam, who was the best surprise EVER, we planned this next little sweetie. Both times I’ve been pregnant I did not think that I really was, but Joseph has this sixth sense and he just knows. So of course when that little plus sign… Read More Oh, Baby!!!


Nine Months

We are less than a month away (yay!!!) from our due date, February 25th, and I am SO ready for Liam to be here already! I find myself really impatient at times and hoping that the next 4 weeks go quickly. I am wishing for this pregnancy to be over with already. I’m uncomfortable, nothing… Read More Nine Months